Posted by: sisterbernice | March 27, 2010


I was only going to blog on Fridays but today’s article in the Boston Herald in which the American abuse victims are feeling raped all over again (my words, not theirs) is heartbreaking. Just when they might have thought about healing – they think the Pope’s outreach was just a PR stunt. I can’t blame them for feeling this way. However, I really don’t believe that is who Joseph Ratzinger is. My thoughts, of course, are swirling but I do think this is why confidentiality and secrecy important – do victims need to be put through this over and over again until facts are known and cases established? Some will say yes until the truth comes out. What if the truth is really as simple as – we didn’t know what to do so we didn’t do anything (please remember that mandated reporting laws really didn’t evolve until the seventies and early eighties before you attack for this statement and yes- they could have and should have). Nothing can excuse the behavior or take it away. Meanwhile the victims don’t think anything is happened and yet we know it has – procedures are in place, less victimization is occurring, when it does occur it is more records that it is being reported (See here and here)

The crime we know cannot be undone, this is the agony. The crime was not listening to the victims, not being loving in their time of need, of not thinking about the hurt, of not pastoring. I can see where Ratzinger presided over the meeting with the pedophile priest, delegated and then never thought of that priest again probably still believing the priest was assigned to Essen still and also believing his auxiliary bishop whom has been identified as the point person, not just the vicar general would watch over the situation. Should he have done this -no but does that make the actions he has taken since to be somehow morally tainted? I’ve been giving this the thought. All people are flawed, even Popes. However, that doesn’t mean the office is corrupted by the flawed person-otherwise there would be no one serving in that office. And all of this doesn’t mean he wasn’t genuine when he met with people. The Pope isn’t God – he can’t fix things over night but if I were hurt this bad – I’d feel the same way they do. I will continue praying on this all week.


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