Posted by: sisterbernice | May 1, 2010

Computers and prayer a/k/a A little stressed today but still time to pray

Yesterday (Friday, April 30th), I sat down to write my entry but had time limitations.  I wrote the following and then CRASH – the computer shuts down.  I have no clue why.  I’m not the techie in the family.  But, I’m up and running again today so I’m belatedly posting my entry – I said my prayers – Did you?

I’m a bit busy this weekend with family events and today has gone by too quickly.  But, it is time to take a moment or more and remember the purpose of this blog – to pray.  I pray for the victims first and foremost for healing from their pain and suffering.  They have suffered physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual abuse at the hands of those who should be trusted.  I pray for the Church, all of us including priests – may we heal and grow.  I pray for the abusers – may God have mercy on their souls.  And, I pray for Pope Benedict, a spiritual man providing spiritual solutions the world doesn’t want to see or acknowledge.  Lord – Please let him be an instrument of your peace.

My prayers today that I offer up are the sorrowful mysteries, the Prayer of St. Francis and the Prayer to St. Michael.  I am contemplating adding Eucharistic Adoration next week – our parish has first Friday adoration which I can sometimes make.  Next week I will make the time.  And, the Holy Father asked for Friday penances – I’ve gotten away from this practice.  I will give it thought.


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