Posted by: sisterbernice | May 7, 2010


I went to Eucharistic adoration and said my rosary there.  I almost forgot it was first Friday.  I can’t explain the nudge I felt but I did feel one and got there in time.  I am very glad I did as I had time, quiet and inspiration for my contemplation.  There is such a sense of peacefulness at Eucharistic adoration.  I wish we had one each week.  As I contemplated the sorrowful mysteries, it was as if I could feel Jesus weeping for the victims and angry/sad at the perpetrators.  Yet forgiving at the same time.  What emotion there must have been in that first Holy week.  Perhaps it was not unlike the emotion of this year’ s Holy Week – a reminder of human passion, innocence, the mob, fear, perseverance through suffering, etc.   As you contemplate Jesus in prayer in the Garden, you can hear Benedict also saying – take this cup from me, but your will and not mine be done.   As you look around during the scourging, the crowning of thorns, the taking up the cross and the crucifixion, you can survey the crowd – who are you?  Who are you then and now? 

I have pretensions that I am Veronica/Bernice but am I? Would I have had the courage and love to act? I don’t know.  I hide behind the invisibility of a computer screen, speaking to whom – anybody?  I suppose it is something as I am not praying to the computer but to the Lord and prayer is powerful.  More than one in prayer is more powerful.  How many people were praying that first holy week?  How many were praying last month?  How many were shouting? How many were humiliated because of the scandal? 

 How many saw the tears of the innocent victims? their pain? their suffering? their story?  How many blamed?  Yet who do we blame?  Did we look around and blame ourselves?  Are we innocent bystanders?  This is the thought I began to contemplate.  Are the bystanders innocent?  

Let us pray – it is Friday and the question hangs heavy for even if we discern we are innocent – are we not compelled to act on the knowledge that if we are ‘in the know”, we need to do something?  Do what? Reform the church- I’ll leave that to those who dissent.  No we are called to reform our lives first.  Our families lives and our neighbors lives come second through our love and our good example.  How often do we pass on our faith that there is a God who Loves us, that Jesus is His Son who died for us, and that the Church is His Body.  How often do we pass on that this knowledge is beautiful and sorrowful at the same time.  It is joyful and painful as all love is? How often do we pass on that life is difficult to live – it’s not a TV show.  Violence has consequences – do we teach this? Do we heal this? More often do we all hide behind some screen?

It is time to act to say to others as well as to our Fellow Catholics – Catholicism isn’t an ideology or philosophy it is a faith born of ancient and modern events, namely God’s covenant with the Israelites and the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is real and challenging and cannot be hidden.  And within the relationships God has forged with his people and with individuals healing can be found.  Each of us has the potential to heal the other through our love and prayers borne from love.  Let us act with love.  Let us do as Jesus did-pour out our lives for others.


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