Posted by: sisterbernice | June 4, 2010


I went to Adoration today.  Sometimes it might just be best to be silent, truly contemplative and prayerful.  Maybe what I am best at is prayer, not talking or writing long-winded entries trying to understand what is impossible to understand.  Maybe it is simple – pray, forgive and ask for forgiveness, trust in the Lord. 

So, I will do as I do every Friday. I will review all the prayers I have posted and pray them from the heart. I pray for healing and I pray for the Holy Father.  I have abstained from meat. I will say the rosary.   I found a nice internet site that helps me stay focused.  For those of you who might want it – and I guess I have some visitors:  here is the link

And, in your charity, pray for me as well. Thank you.

Postscript:  In praying my rosary tonight I had one of those moments, the ones when you know you’ve been enlightened.  Something simple occurred to me that I was not doing.  I was not praying for priests.  I need to pray that they remain holy, resist temptation.  I need to pray that dissenting priests will be converted and lukewarm ones will be lit on fire with faith.  I need to pray for an increase for true vocations.  This is part of the healing that needs to occur – for it we need to heal faith too.  When the priests don’t believe, who will follow? As we close this year of priests, I ask anyone reading this to continue to promote praying for priests.   (ps.   I find it strange that the spell and grammar checker doesn’t recognize “holy” as a word – strange?)


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