Posted by: sisterbernice | December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Fridays have been interesting in this year of repentance on behalf of the Church in Ireland. Each week had its challenges and it seemed each week had new revelations –on Fridays! Sometimes I’ve acknowledged them. Today is no different – no revelations as much as Christmas Eve falls on Friday. I’m sure a preacher would have much to offer to reflect upon. I just think about it simply. God gives his Son once again. Every year God renews his covenant with us on Christmas. Do we respond? Do we reciprocate? Last week I would have said – yes but found myself so busy in external things that my whole spiritual life and commitments were overlooked. The week since has been the same. It is like I can’t get off the tread mill in front of me. There are so many demands and only so much time. BUT, the season reminds us of the important things with the SUPREME important thing – God loves us. And, he calls us to love him back. Do so, there is healing in the relationship between God and Human.

Let us love. May everyone enjoy a joyous and blessed Christmas.


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