Posted by: sisterbernice | April 22, 2011

Suffering: Good Friday

I have spent the past year praying every Friday.  What is praying? Beyond saying words to God, it is also thinking, contemplating, listening.  What have a I heard? thought? contemplated?  Suffering.

I normally avoid suffering.  I run from it.  I have during the year.  But, the year ends on the day of ultimate suffering.  I cannot run.  How did the Lord bear his suffering?

Whether one is religious or not, Good Friday confronts everyone with an innocent man who is made to suffer in multiple physical, emotional and spiritual ways.  Jesus did live, he did suffer.  You can deny his divinity but not the life.  Some try but truly the archeologists can date the stories to a time period.  In that time period people would have known what was the truth and what wasn’t.  The gospels are valid histories.  So, we know a man suffered horribly.

Today will  not be the last day I contemplate and pray for the victims of sexual abuse but today is the last Friday to write about it.  How could servants of God do this to people?  We only have to look to Annas and Caiphas for answers about power, ego, and sin.  A different sin but the end is suffering, death.  How victims suffered and continue to suffer.  They were physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually hurt, then they weren’t heard, weren’t believed.  The same was, and is, true about Jesus (today’s readings are here).

Death comes in many different ways-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The abuse brought suffering and death.  For some, it has brought rebirth.  My prayers are about rebirth.  I can’t “undo”.  I can pray.  While I would like all to find their way back to Jesus, and if possible, the Church, I know that might not be possible.  Healing is possible.  Healing is rebirth.  Anger is not a sign of healing, nor is hate, nor is depression, nor avoidance, etc….  I may not have always comtemplated aloud well in my posts, but my prayer is real. It’s really simple, even though I made it hard:

Suffering Lord, heal the souls who suffered at the hands of your servants.

Remember the three of most powerful weapons you have at your disposal.


Pray – especially, the Rosary:

Seek out Jesus and talk with Him. Here is a link about Eucharistic Adoration, take the time to find a place and go:


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